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Havana Soul had its beginnings in 1997 when its Director, Frank Díaz, had the idea of forming an authentic group of Cuban music. Frank Díaz was, in his native Cuba, an artist since he was a child. He was born in El Cerro and comes from a family with a long and well-known musical history.

Currently, he has a Spanish show where he performs Bulerías, Rumbas, Pasodobles, Flamenco, Sevillanas, etc. He was invited to the Salsa Festival in South Africa in 2014, being the only Cuban to be invited. He has performed in New Orleans at the Reggae Festival where he performed in front of more than 20,000 attendees.

His greatest passion is playing the Accordion and Fishing. He currently resides in the city of Miami. He performs at Key Biscayne’s Rusty Pelican and Doral’s Taberna San Román.